Donate to Brooklyn Area Veterans Memorial

PREFACE:  Any gift received, regardless of amount, provides the required foundations  to support the mission  of  maintenance and operations of a quality monument that reflects the dedication and commitment of the veterans of Brooklyn and surrounding communities made to keep this country and the constitution protected.   Your contribution is appreciated and gratifying to support this mission and give special recognition to the soldiers and their families as they participated in the military events away from home.  The Brooklyn Veterans Memorial Council, Inc. is so grateful for your contribution under the 501 C-19 Veterans donation.


The Brooklyn Area Veterans Memorial Committee welcomes gifts of cash, checks or credit cards that are tax deductible under the law during the year the gift is given.  These gifts can make an impact on the project regardless of the amount.


A gift of real estate to the Brooklyn Area Veterans Memorial is an option to consider in saving on taxes. Capital gains taxes on sale of real estate has been a challenge for individuals and now a gift to a 501-C-19 Veterans non-profit could be beneficial. You could qualify under the law, receive full value of the property value and possibly eliminate your capital gains responsibility and yet contribute this project.


Companies do have established matching donations for employees to non-profit organizations as the 501 C-19 Brooklyn Area Veterans Memorial . Contact your employer to determine if your employer would match your donation to the Brooklyn Area Veterans Memorial.


Many individuals could name the Brooklyn Area Veterans Memorial as the beneficiary of a trust, life insurance, and other types of gifts that could have special tax advantages for the donor or family. Recommend that individuals check with their financial advisor of this gift and how it will work with them.


The Brooklyn Area Veterans Memorial Committee would work with individuals who wish to establish an multi year or annual contributions. Many contributors may wish to spread their contributions payments across months or years to meet their budget. Arrangements could be with donors to use direct deposit or other banking arrangements that could qualify for charitable donations to this veterans’ project.


A project like the Brooklyn Area Veterans Memorial requires talent, time, money, equipment, resources and other commitments to honoring our veterans and their families in this community. This team effort in formulating and making this dream a reality requires volunteers who give in an immeasurable capacity on the board, committees, and resource specialist. The Brooklyn Area Veterans Committee welcomes individuals to assist in this effort.


Charitable contributions of equipment, materials, services, professional/legal and other gifts within the law to the Brooklyn Area Veterans Memorial could be a charitable contribution and provide a critical need to the project.


Several individuals have marketable securities such as stocks or mutual fund shares that are over one year old that could qualify as a federal income tax itemized deduction under 501 C-19 as a Veterans activity. The donation to the Brooklyn Area Veterans Memorial could be based on the current value of the security and the qualifications should be determined by licensee specialized in this area.

Ready to Donate?

Contact us and let us know how you would like to help us.  At this time we cannot accept online payments. Please feel free to contact us via the link below or call at 1-608-516-5401.