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Since 1812, over 5oo men and women left the Brooklyn and surrounding communities to join the arm forces to defend our country. The Brooklyn Area Memorial Committee has a mission of honoring these veterans that have served and now are serving the United States of American from the Brooklyn area.

To honor these Heroes, the vision is to give recognition to the veterans and their families who have given so much during combat and peace-time operations. The monument will focus on peace, service, commitment and healing for the many local heroes that have served. This memorial will be an everlasting tribute and a reminder of the sacrifices, suffering and the courage made during the duty of our men and women from the Brooklyn area.

The Brooklyn Area Veterans Memorial Committee has focused on the core values of the community tying in the associations and memories of over 200 years of commitment to maintaining and supporting the Constitution of the United States of America, and assistance in providing security to this Nation. In this endeavor, the Committee has developed a monument that focuses not only on the era of conflicts or great wars, but features also the peace time efforts made by many.

There will be six marble monuments with artistic designs from the War of 1812, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Viet Nam, and the conflicts or Far East. The Web Page has been developed that will have a list of men and women who has resided in the Brooklyn area and has served this country that can be identified. The monument and the website are designed to communicate to the website information on the activities related to Brooklyn area veterans.

The Memorial is to show appreciation and recognize our veterans of Brooklyn who have provided us with foundations of life with freedom. The appreciation of individuals has been shown by the generous contributions. As a 501 C 19 non-profit organization, the monument is being built with funds from donations and not from Federal or State funds. Individuals have purchased flag poles, pavers, benches, given memorial donations and have purchase an ice cream cone. All donations are greatly appreciated and acknowledged.

The Monument is intended to be a memory of those who have served and are now serving but it has the capabilities of recognizing individuals in the future who will provide valor in keeping Brooklyn and our Nation safe against aggressive force. We can be proud of those who have combated the threats to our country and supported the American principles, with the building of the Brooklyn Area Veterans Memorial is a small way to say,” thank you veterans”.

Please feel free to contact us or call at 1-608-516-5401

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