The Korean Conflict

June 25, 1950 – July 27, 1953

U.S. military occupied the southern half below the 38th parallel, Soviet forces with communist support were in the north. Tensions were rising at the border. Then, boycotting the United Nations Security Council, North Korea invaded the south.
88% of the military came from America. 178,426 were killed, 32,925 missing and 566,434 were wounded. The border remained at the end of the conflict.

-Information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Listed Below are Others that Served in the Korean War

David Batker
Navy 1956-1962
Bernard Anderegg

Army 1950-1953
Fredrick J. Armstrong
Air Force 1951-1955
Michael D. Armstrong
Navy 1950-1954
Herbert M. Armstrong
Air Force 1950-1953
Louis E. Arndt Jr.
Army 1953-1955
Fredrick G. Backer
Navy 1956-1962
Eugene Chrisman
Donald E. Christensen
Navy 1950-1954
James Christianson
Robert Christianson
Lawrence A. Clark
Army 1951-1953
Wayne J. Cooper
Army 1948-1952
Robert F. Deegan
Marines 1952-1954
Donald Doyle Jr.
Keith R. Elmer
Army 1951-1954
Robert John Elmer
Army 1951-1953
Alton Erickson
Army 1951-1953
Neal Erickson

Louis Fahey
Army 1956-1958
William J. Galligher
Harold K. Gard
Donald Goodwin
Marlan L. Hanson
Robert M. Heinzeroth

James M. Hilgendorf
Renald Henrikson
Air Force 1954-1958
Richard Horan
Army 1951-1954

John H. Hunt
NG & Marines 1949-1954

Lloyd E. Jacobson
Army 1948-1952

Lonn L. King
Marines 1953-1957

Thomas W. Krets
Walter W. Lappley
Navy 1954-1956

John E. Lauretic
Army 1951-1953
William Legler Jr.
Marines 1951-1953
John Malarkey
John F. Markwardt Jr.
Eugene Masshardt
Army 1953-1955
M. James Mason
Navy 1954-1959
Theodore Masters
Air Force 1952-1956
Donald R. McCallum
Donald P. Meister
Army 1956-1958
Edwin J. Meister
Army 1954-1956
Ervin g. Meister
Army 1951-1953
Lowell J. Neath
Army 1951-1952
Donald L. Onsrude
Air Force 1951-1955
Donald A. Paulson
Irvin Parsons
Army 1951-1953
Donald W. Pernot
Army 1950-1954
Leonard E. Pishon
Navy 1950-1954
Roy R. Reynolds
Charles D. Rowland

Robert Salvisberg
Navy 1951-1953
Eugene K. Smith
John I Swenson
Army 1951-1953
Delyle E. Schulte
Army 1950-1950
Gerald C. Schwenn
Air Force 1948-1952
Charles Teeters
Dean C. Wethal
Edward Perkle
Gerald Tilley
Eugene Wackett
Army 1951-1953
Bryant Wethal

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