World War Two


The Allies opposed the Axis, involving more than 100 million people from more than thirty countries. Invasions were happening all over the globe. Germany formed the Axis Alliance conquering much of Europe, beginning with the invasion of Poland- Sept. 1, 1939. Italy joined. The United Kingdom and members of the British Commonwealth were the major forces against the Axis Alliance.

In June 1941, the Axis Force advanced their conquest over Soviet Union. Joining the Axis, Japan made an attack on Pearl Harbor that started the WWII war in December 1941.  The Axis was stopped in 1942, losing at Midway, near Hawaii; Germany was defeated in North Africa and at Stalingrad in Russia. In 1943, there was a series of defeats on the Eastern Front. 1944, the Western Allies invaded France. The following year, the Allies defeated the Japanese Navy and captured the Key Pacific Islands.

The war ended with an invasion in Germany. Still dealing with Japan, the Potsdam Declaration was drawn, asking for unconditional surrender; underlining terms, if denied. President Truman, Winston Churchill and Chiang Kai-shek agreed on terms, stating: “If they didn’t surrender, they would face prompt and utter destruction.” Opposition prompted the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August. Following an attack from the Soviet Union, Japan surrendered August 15, 1945.  Massive deaths of civilians were caused by the Holocaust, bombing of the cities and use of nuclear weapons.

The United Nations was established to bring countries together and prevent future conflicts. The Soviet Union and United States emerged as rival superpowers, setting the stage for the Cold War which lasted the following forty-six years.

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During World War 2, the Legion sent the Brooklyn Teller (newspaper) to the servicemen. In return, they would write letters to the paper about their surroundings, adventures (not always good) in different locations. Their assignments varied: Chuck Staley, Archie ‘Beans’ DeRemer, Kenneth Ellis, Durward Bund, Robert Kivin-pilots; Dalton ‘Jiggs’ Newton- airplane mechanic; Miles Smith- repairing automobiles; Lynn William- sang with the Cookie (camp cook); Roy Williams- artillery; Ed Smith, Eldon Ellis- radio operators; Lloyd Hitchcock- ground soldiers

Many lives were ended and many returned home to start a new life, memories stayed.

Served in World War II

Marion v. Adimson
Donald H. Allen –
Loy Allen
Robert S. Allen– Army
Ronald C. Allen
Donald R. Alme –
Donald Ames
William F. Ames –
Earl Amidon –
Army/Air Force
Melvin Amidon
Arthur A. Anderson– Army
Bryant B. Anderson– Army
Delbert B. Anderson
Warren M. Anthony

Beth Armstrong– Navy
Fredrick J. Armstrong
Air Force

Herbert M. Armstrong
Air Force

Michael D. Armstrong– Navy
Miles W. Armstrong– Army
Bernard Babler
Gilbert ‘Goldie’ Baebler
Air Force
Boyd M. Baldwin – Army/
Air Force
Fred Baldwin – Army
Harry Baldwin – Army
Hurst Barnett
Harry Bavery– Army
Harvey BeltzArmy
Melvin BeltzArmy
Archie F. Bennett – Army
Jesse E. Benway– Army
Melvin Berger– Army
Ralph F. Bergland– Army
William J. Berryman
Wilmer Berryman
Arvin R. Best – Army
Albert Beyer

Donald R. Beyer– Army
Harvey J. Bjerke – Army
Norman L. Billings
– Navy
Jerome Bollig – Army
Roger Lee Borst-Army Reserves
William Borst Jr. – Army
Bernard R. Brickner– Navy
Roy Brown– Army
Durward F. Bund– Air Corps
Raymond Bund – Army
Edward D. Bunzinger
– Army
Hillis P. Buxton– Army
Cletus L. Byrnes– Army
Lucian Byrnes– Army
Ann Cadet– Air Force
William Calhoun – Army
R.I. Callahan – Army
Rolland P. Callahan
Cornelius J. Campion
Bert Carr Jr. – Army
Raymond Chamberlain Army
Connie Champion Navy
Kensal R. Chandler– Navy
Ray Chandler – Army
Kenneth Pierre Chapin– Navy
Robert Chatsy– Marines
C. J. Christensen– Air Force
Erasmus Christensen – Army
Erving K. Christensen
Erwin Christensen
James Christensen

Melvin Christensen– Army
Robert Christensen– Navy
Bernard Christiansen – Army
Robert E. Christianson
Roland C. Clark
Cornelius Collins –
Andrew Craven
Charles Craven –
Richard Craven –
Robert Craven –
Warren Crocker
– Army
Edward M. Crotty– Army
Arthur Cunzenheim– Army
Palmer  N. Curless– Army
Theodore Curless Jr. – Army
Edward Dallman – Army
Edwin L. Dallman
– Army
Claude Danks, Jr.
John H. Davis
– Navy
William Deegan Jr.– Army
Arden Denton
Chester Denton
Archie C. DeRemer– Army/
Air Force

Claude DeRemer– Army/
Air Force

August B. Derschwiller – Army
James L. Devalt –
Joe Devlin
Marvin D. Devlin –
Rolland E. Devlin– Navy
Charles H. Devoll
George E. Devoll
Harry Devoll
– Army
Roy Devoll – Army
James L. DeWalt– Army
Helen M. Knoff Deyo
Jesse Dietz Jr.– Army
Oscar Dietz – Army
Maroy C. Dietzsch – Army
Oscar Dietzsch– Army
Kenneth Disch– Marines
John M. Doyle – Army
Leo Doyle – Army

Eugene W. Eaton – Navy
Arthur W. Ellis– Army/
Air Corps

Eldon J. Ellis– Army/Air Force
Ellen Ellis
Harmon Ellis
Harold EllisArmy
Kenneth A. EllisArmy/
Air Corps
Leroy EllisArmy
Robert A. Ellis– Army/Air Force
George L. Elmer
John V. Elmer
– Army
LaVerne H. Elmer– Army
Robert J. Elmer– Army
George L. Elmergreen– Army
William C. Endicott– Navy
Donald L. Erdman – Army
Archie V. Erickson– Navy
Philip E. Erickson– Army
Truman G. Erickson– Army
Fred Evans
Ellis Fink– Army
Earl G. Farnsworth– Navy
John D. Farnsworth – Army
Wesley Farnsworth– Navy
Marlin Fawcett – Army
Clifford E. Ferrell – Army
Myrland J. Ferrell – Army
Donald A. Ferris– Army
Walter Fiecher – Army
Roy L. Firebaugh – Army
Arthur Fleek
John A. Fleek
Frank Flood –
Harold Flood
Tomlin Flood
– Navy
William C. Flood– Air Corps
Ernest Formissiere – Army
Edward Frankhauser– Army
William L. Frederick– Army
Gerald L. Frei – Army/Air Force
Charles Freidig – Army
Henry F. Frisch– Army
Harold N. Gard
Donald Gardner
Donald Gargner– Air Force
August B. Gerschwiler– Army
Carl E. Gillette – Army
Earl Gillette
Charles E. Godding
– Army
Kenneth J. Golz – Army
Ralph Graves – Army
Roger S. Gray – Navy
James P. Green
Donald R. Griffith –
Ivan C. Grinnell
– Army
Melvin L. Grinnell – Army
Sheldon L. Grinstad– Navy
Ira T. Hall– Army
Charles J. Hallmark  – Army
Lester K. Hansen – Army
Nemor Hansen
Vernon F. Hansen– Navy
Arnold Hanson – Army
Donald Hanson
Ellsworth A. Hanson –
Osborn D. Hare– Navy
Urho J. Hauta
Conrad D. Heiman
Fredrick L. Heller
– Navy
Floyd J. Hendricks
Alfred Hendrickson– Army
Keith Hendrickson
Malcom Hendrickson
Kenneth Hess– Navy
Elmer R. Hillmer– Army
Lloyd Hitchcock– Army
John V. Hogan – Air Force
John T. Hogg
Lester Hoilory –
Lester M. Holberg –
Edward J. Holton
Freeman Homme– Army
Raymond L. Humberg– Army
Gordon Jacobson– Army
Kermit M. Jacobson
Lloyd Jacobson
Mark Jacobson
Donald Jacquish
Jacob A. Jefferson, Sr. – Navy
Curtis Jensen
Curtis Johnson– Navy
Lowell Johnson
Quentin B. Johnson– Navy
Robert M. Johnson– Navy
Stanley O. Johnson
Vincent Johnson
Andres M. Jones
John Jones
Neil Joppa – Army
Harold Judd – Army
Caroline L. Kamm – Army/Nurse
Gothfried H. Kammer– Army
Melvin Kammer
Carl King
Earl King– Army
Jerome J. Kivlin– Navy
Norris J. Kivlin– Army
Robert V. Kivlin– Marines
Robert Kivlin Jr. – Navy

Eugene Kluever– Army
Harlow L. Kluever– Army
Ralph Kluever
Leon Knable – Army
Robert H. Knight – Army
Merle A. Kopke– Navy
Harold R. Krueger– Army/
Air Force
Morris E. Lamb– Army
Virgil G. Lamb– Marines
Charles Larsen– Army
Einer ‘Ike’ Larsen– Army/
Air Corps
Arthur Leake – Army
Elam Leary – Army
Albert L. Lee
Obert Lee –
Edward J. Leemar– Army
Edward J. Leeseman
Ivan Legler
William Legler Jr. – Army
George M. Lewis
Jon K. Lewis
S.H. Lewis– Army
Ole N. Lien– Marines
Clayton Likeness– Army
Joseph C. Lochner
Leonard A. Loftus –
John F. Loghry, Jr.
Leo W. Long – Army
George M. Loomis Sr.– Army/Air Force
Irvin Luchsinger
Lutz Veaon
Rives Lutz
Paul Luxem
Floyd L. Main, Jr.
Lavern A. Martin– Army
Rex Mason– Marines
Frances McCormick – Army
Leo C. McCormick – Army
Francis D. McGuire – Navy
Clarence McHenry – Army
Gregory McHenry –
Ann McKay – Army
David McNulty

Joseph Meboe– Army
Milo F. Merrit– Army
Eugene Meyer – Navy
Donald Miller – ASNAVS
Jerome P. Miller
John L. Moore
Marland M. Moore– Army
Marion Mueller– Army/
Air Force
Robert E. Mueller– Army/
Air Force
Robert Munson
Earl Neath
Russell Neath– Army
Donald H. Nelson– Army
Wayne Nelson– Navy
Donald F. Nesbit– Army
Leonard Nesbit– Army
Raymond E. Nesbit– Army
Edward Nevel– Army
Dalton A. Newton
Virgil Normington Sr.
– Army
Donald Noyce Sr. – Army
Gary Nye
Harry Nye
Terry Nye
Lee Obert –
Robert O’Brien– Air Corps
Sheldon O’Brien
Arthur F. Oscar –
Carroll Oscar– Navy
Clifford W. Oscar– Army
Herman W. Oscar – Army
Lloyd W. Oscar– Army
Wallace J. Olsen
Erwin L. Olson – Army
Raymond A. Olson – Army
Robert J. Olson – Marines
Emil Otteson – Army
Earle R. Parmeniter – Navy
James Patterson
– Army
Leon C. Patterson – Army
William N. Patterson – Army
John Paynter – Army
Robert Paynter – Air Force
William Paynter – Army
Richard Pernot
Kenneth Peterson – Army
Horace Phillips – Army
Donald Pierson – Army-POW
Thomas G. Purcell– Marines
Harry Rassmussen – Army
Herman Rasmussen –
Howard B. Rasmussen
– Navy
James Rasmussen– Army
Walter Rasmussen– Navy
Maurice Reese– Navy
Frank P. Rhinehart– Army
Ronald Rhyn
John C. Rhynder –

Glenn A. Richards – Army
Maurice H. Ringhand-Army
Melvin Ringhand – Army
LeRoy Root – Army
Vaughn Root
Gilmore Rorge– Army
Robert M. Ross– Navy
Galen J. Rossiter
Garrett J. Runy

Werner Ryner – Army
George W. Sawtelle– Navy/
Air Force

DeLyle Schulz– Army
Raymond A. Schultz Army
Wesley V. Schulz– Army
Gerald Schwenn
William Scott
Richard Scoville– Navy
Robert Severson– Army
Theodore Shuld – Navy
Harry C. Sikorowski– Navy
Ann M. Siler 
James Hayden Siler– Army
Robert S. Skeggs
Clifton E. Smith– Army
Edward D. Smith– Army/
Air Corps
Harvey P. Smith – Army/
Air Force
Leslie Smith – Army
Mark T. Smith
Miles M. Smith– Army
Ned F. Smith– Army/Air Corps
Robert C. Smith – Army
Rodney Smith
– Army/Air Corps
Roy Smith– Navy
Victor H. Smith– Navy
Victor R. Sodeholm– Army
John W. Spanton– Navy
Kenneth Lyle Spanton– Navy
Russell M. Spilde– Navy
Anthony J. Stake– Army
Charles W. Staley– Army/
Air Force
Walter Stampfli– Army
Robert W. Stillman– Army
Howard J. Strassman – Army
Roy A. Sturm
Theodore Sturm –
Roger G. Stryhn– Army
Archie Swan
Leona F. Swann
Harry C. Switalski
Wendell L. Switalski – Navy
Upton C. Taylor – Army
James J. Thickpenny – POW
Warren E. Thomas– Marines
Albert C. Thompson– Army
Dale Thompson– Army
Eldon Thompson
Howard R. Thompson– Navy
Leonard C. Thompson– Army
Lowell Thompson
Roger Thompson – Army
Vaughn Thompson
Warren Thompson
Robert E. Thornton– Army
Arley Tiffany– Army
Gordon L. Tilley– Navy
Jerome Triggs – Navy
Leonard Triggs
Leonard Tronnes– Navy
Bryant Wackman – Navy
Kenneth B. Wackman – Navy
James Wait – Army
L.A. Waldsmith –
Mearl E. Waldsmith
– Navy
James Wall – Army
Arleigh J. Waller
– Army
Beckwith B. Walls – Army
David L. Warner
– Navy
Arthur Warren – Army
Thomas E. Warren
– Marines
Delbert Wartzok – Army
Herbert D. Weltzin
– Army/
Air Corps
Merlin West
Clarence Wethal
Orin R. Wethal – Army
Stanley Wethal – Army
Beth H. White
Burle Williams– Army
Curtis Eldon Williams– Army
Lynn H. Williams– Army
Roy W. Williams– Army
William Williamson
Harlow E. Wolf – Navy
Robert Worthington – Army
Charles E. Yarwood– Navy
Edward D. Zanzinger– Army
Gilmore L. Zhe– Army
Leo Zimmer
Martin Zimmer
Ernest Geoffrey ZumBrunnen– Marines
Royce Zumbrunnen – Army
Marvin Zwickey– Army/
Air Force
Norman Zwiefel

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