About World War One

July 28, 1914- November 11, 1918

When Yugoslav Nationalist Gavril Principe assassinated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the heir to the throne of Austria/Hungary in Sarajevo; it set off a diplomatic crisis. International alliances were invoked. Within weeks, the conflict involved the whole world. On July 28, 1914, Austro/Hungarians fired the first shots invading Serbia. Russia appeared successful until stopped by Germany.

The Ottoman Empire (Islamic/Middle East) joined in November 1914, Italy and Bulgaria entered the following year, Romania in 1916 and America in 1917. The Austro/Hungarian Empire agreed to an armistice November 4, 1918. Still being aggressive, Germany held out later during that month.

The casualties of this war were 5,525,000 killed, 12,831,500 wounded and 4,121,000 missing. The League of Nations was formed to prevent another war like this. Regretfully, history tells us, their mission was unsuccessful.

—Information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The United States military were stationed in Russia until April 1, 1920

– Information from Congressional Research.

Listed Below are Others that Served in World War I

Marion V. Adamson- Army
Loy H. Allen- Army
Edwin Anthony Warren – Army
Fred Baldwin- Army/Air Force
Harry M. Baldwin- Army/Air Force
Carl Bakker- Army
Paul Bakker- Army
Paul Barber- Army
Hurst Barnett Edward  – Army
Fred Behnke- Army
Archie Bennett
Walter F. Benson – Army
Melvin Berger
Edward Becker- Army
William Borst – Army
Charles B. Broecker- Army
Frederick A. Bund- Army
Wilhelm F. Bund- Army
Jerry L. Burchell- Navy
Hillis BuxtonArmy
Clyde B. Call- Army
Carl Christiansen – Army
Erasmus Christensen- Army
Thorwald Christensen- Army
Sheldon Chandler- Army
Cornelius P. Collins- Army
Carl DamsonArmy
William J. Deegan – Army
Lloyd Detra – Army
Claude DeRemer- Army/Air Force
Harry DeVoll
Roy DeVoll- Army
William B. Disch- Army
John M. Doyle George Dreher
Leo J. Doyle – Army

William Legler Sr. – Army
Otto Lewer- Army
Dewey Long
Allen Loy- Army
Matthew Luchsinger
John James Lund
Royal J. Main
Willis F. Madden
Edward Malley
Charles M. McCann
Lowell James Mason- Navy
Howard McCarthy
William McClaskey
Elizier Merritt
Elmer Merritt- Air Force
LeRoy Meyers- Army
Clyde Milbrandt
Earl R. Milbrandt- Marines
Frank Milbrandt
Lynn Millspaugh
Carl J. Moe- Army
George Millard
Alvin Montgomery
Edward Nelson
Einer Nelson
Signor Nelson
Harold R. Nesbit- Army
Floyd Nesbit- Army
Eusebius Nevel– Army
Harold R. Nichols
Axel V. Nielsen- Army
Lisle O’Brien- Army
Otis O’Brien- Army
R.P. O’Brien Alvin Olson- Army
Raymond Olson- Army
Dr. E.O. Osborne
Herman Oscar- Army/Navy

Helen Deyo- Navy
Leo J. Doyle Frank Eaton- Army
Harmon Ellis- Army
John Elmer
Edward Erickson- Army
Percy Erickson
Henry J. Fadness- Army
Ellis Fink- Marines
John D. Farnsworth
Martin E. Fawcett
Frank Flood
George Goetz
Ralph S. Graves- Air Service
Theodore H. Grunnet- Army
Sweet T. Gurney- Army
Herman Hagan
Arnold Hanson- Army
Roscoe Haynes
Floyd S. Hendricks- Army
Rhinehart E. Hess
John Hofmaster- Army
John V. Hogan- Air Force
Merrill Hyne- Army
Benjamin Johnson- Army
Frank Ingraham- Army
Paul Ingraham- Army
Edmund Jacobson- Army
Edward Jesperson- Army
Einer ‘Ike’ Johnson- Army
Oscar Johnson- Navy
Otto Johnson- Navy
Senor Johnson- Army
Ricardo R. Juare- Army
John Layretic
Edward Karmgard- Army
Arthur Knudson
John E. Lauretic- Army

William Oscar
Otto Otteson
Holley Peterson- Navy
Harley Rasmussen- Army Aero
Alex P. Richardson- Navy
Lloyd M. Rowley- Army
William Rollo
Eric Herbert Ross- Navy
William Salvisberg Sr. – Army
Albert Schaffitzel- Army
Fred Schultz – Army
Floyd R. Scoville – Army
Stanley Sills – Army
Boyd Smith – Army
George Smith – Army
Clovis B. Snider – Army
Frank Spencer – Army
Archie Swann – Army
Albert B. Switalski – Army
Lloyd E. TenEyck – Army
James Thickpenny – Army
Harold R. Thompson – Navy
Raymond D. Upson – Army
Philip ‘Scoop’ Wackman – Army Aero
John O. Wallestad – Army
Russell Washburn – Army
Gustav Weise – Army
Otto Zeller – Army
David Zimmerlee – Army

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