About the Viet Nam Conflict

Inner fighting for control in Vietnam divided the country. The north’s goal was to make all of Vietnam under communist rule, the south fought to keep their democratic government.  Previous, America has sent military aid and helped at an election to prevent the spread of communist rule.
It was in March 1965; President Johnson decided to send America troops. Following the incident of the North Vietnamese firing upon two American ships, Johnson used his ‘authority’ to order ground troops to Vietnam, without declaring war.

Discovering locals weren’t trustworthy, secretly help the enemy and making booby traps, the soldiers became very frustrated. Fighting a jungle war, the danger of the dropped Agent Orange and out-numbered. They questioned, ‘why are we here?’

In America, pressure was rising, ‘bring them home.’

In 1969, Nixon withdrew some but expanded the war in neighboring countries which created more protests in America.

Peace talks began in Paris January 1969. Finally in 1973, a cease-fire was agreed upon. After the US troops were withdrawn in 1975, the south surrendered. 1976- Vietnam was united as a communist country.

This loss came from the lack of leadership and support, not our boys.

Information- 20th Century History

Listed Below are Veterens that Served in the Vietnam War:

Robert Baumel
Richard Bartness
Army 1966-68
John Beasley
Theadore Belanus
Army 1968-1970
Ted Benson
Marines 1963-1967
Michael S. Berry Sr.
Jerry L. Birchell
Navy 1968-1970
George R. Black
Fred Brown
Army 1965-1969
James Brown
Air Guard 1964-1970
Jerry L. Brown
Navy 1966-1968
William Brown
Larry Bryant
Army 1966-1969
Steve Bryant
Army 1967-1969
John Burgum
Russell B. Cichy
Navy/ Air Force 1966-1969
Daniel E. Cobb
Donald S. Cook
Kent R. Cook
Army 1963-1965
John H. Davis
Army 1965-1975
Ronnie Day
Marines 1963-1967
Mark W. Everson
Charles Ferrel

Warren Filstram
Navy 1961-1965
Wayne Filstram
Navy 1961-1965
Barney Flowers
Air Guard
John Franklin
Marines 1972-1975
Gordon Haberrarman
Army 1971-1974
James Hale
Air Force
J. Hanouser
Army 1967-1968
Robert Hanson
Darrell Helly
James Henderson
Army 1966-1968
Mark J. Herrmann
James M. Hilgendorf
James Ihlenfeldt
Navy 1965-1969
Keith R. Hollis
Harvey Holland
National Guard 1965-1967
Wayne Hook
Army 1966-1974
Mark Iverson
Air Force 1972-1972
Kenneth L. Kaether
Leroy Kluever
Robert F. Kocovsky
Robert L. Kovach
James F. Kramer
Army 1968-1969

Allen L. Kuel
Oscar S. Larson
Steven Lawrence
Navy 1965-1999
Daniel A. Leonard
Robert Levin

Kevin Legler
Ivan L. Legler
Navy 1966-1967
Keith James Long
Army 1956-1962
Harold Loomis
George Loomis Jr.
Army 1967-1969
Charles Meister
Army 1961-1963
Dean R. Meister
Army 1964-1966
Charles E Meyer
Army 1965-1967
David L. Morell
Navy 1973-1975
Patrick Mullarkey
Robert F. Munson
Thomas C. Olson
Marines 1969-1971
Trygve D. Olsen Jr.

Army 1964-1966
David Pernot
Marine 1969-1971
Harvey W. Powers
Army 1964-1966
William Powers
Ron Powers
William L. Robbins

Alfred F. Russell
Army 1961-1963
David Sanner
Air Guard
Gary Stephenson
Gerald Kerry Tilley
Army 1975
Rex Tilley
Marine 1973
John Viney
Air Guard
Robert Wagner
Army Res. 1966-1972
Lyle D. Wanless
Army 1963-1969
Albert Wilkening
Nat. Guard
Howard Williams
Rodney Weaver
Army 1961-1965
Edward A. Webb
Navy 1965-1969
David P. Zander
Army 1966-1968

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